CPS Checker or CPS Tester is used to calculates your mouse click speed. It is to improve click speed by testing click speed and then practicing further with different clicking methods and practicing with different time challenges.

This will help you score more CPS i.e Clicks Per Second. People especially gamers love to use CPS Counter to get the highest CPS score. 

What Is A CPS Checker?   

The CPS tracker counts the total number of clicks made during the CPS clicks per the second test to determine your CPS click speed. For example, you can run CPS test to see how many clicks you have in 5 seconds. This cps test score is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by the time interval between running the test.

Benefits Of CPS Test (Clicks Per Second Test)

Using the CPS test has many benefits, especially for gamers who play various video games like Minecraft, FPS games, or PvP games.

Your Increased Click Speed

CPS chekcer allows you to practice and master faster clicking techniques that are used to improve your mouse click speed, such as jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking. With enough practice and with the right technique, gamers have improved their CPS by up to 12 clicks per second.

Fast Response

Gamers need to have a fast response time to any action in the game as they have to defeat their opponent. With the high Clicks per second score, your response time gets increased as you click faster and faster every time.

Increased Chances To Win

Whether you are playing Minecraft or Pvp the faster you click the better are your chances to win. So, the Clicks per second test can eventually help you win your games as you can beat more and more opponents and score well.

How To Calculate The CPS Test? 

It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of seconds. The time interval to test depends on the user. 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or 60 seconds.

Formula To Calculate CPS

Clicks Per Second (CPS) = Number of clicks / Number of Seconds

Time Challenges Of CPS Counters

Various time variations are used to check the clicks per the second test depending on your needs. Therefore, some people want to measure click speed in 1 second. Some people want to count clicks in a 5-second time frame. Therefore, all the common time variability that gamers use to test CPS speed tests is described below.

1 second Test

Usually used to check the click speed per second in the 1 second click speed test.

5 second Test

5 seconds click speed test is mainly used to check the click speed of 5 seconds. You can also find the average click speed per second by dividing the total number of clicks made in 5 seconds by the total number of seconds.

10 second Test

Normally, the user uses a 10-second test, click speed tester to check the click speed in 10 seconds. Divide the total number of clicks made in 10 seconds by 10 seconds to get the average Clicks per second in a 10-second time frame.

30 second Test

This tool is designed to measure click speed in a slightly longer time than above. The purpose of the tool is the same as above, but the click speed test takes 30 seconds.

60 second Test

Usually, as the name implies, this tool is intended to assist gamers who want to see a click speed test per minute. Clicking a button for 60 seconds can be a daunting task.

100 second Test

In addition, this tool is designed to improve your click speed test in 100 seconds. This time frame is provided for professional gamers who want to improve their click speed for a limited time. 

CPS Test - FAQ

When someone scrolls or browses a particular website. As you continue scrolling, many questions come to mind. Some of these questions are relevant .

With all of these relevant, we designed some questions that I think are sufficient to answer the questions that come to my mind. 

How Long Does It Take To Click 1000 Times? 

If the average CTR of people is 8 clicks per second for a normal person, it takes about 125 seconds to click 1000 times. It's not bad for you to ask me. People have more to do than just sit and click.

What Is The Average CPS? 

The average human CPS is about 6-8 times. It depends on how focused and determined the person is. It depends on the ethnic group. It may help them achieve a better average CPS, as some people on the planet have a leaner physique than others.

 What Is The Fastest CPS? 

The fastest CPS in a 10-second time frame is 14 clicks per second. This means that 140 clicks were made in 10 seconds.  Gamers must have fastest Click speed who play various video games like Minecraft, FPS games, or PvP games.

 What Is The Highest CPS Value?

Best CPS results vary over different periods. For example, if you use a 1 second test challenge, the best CPS will be in the 18-22 clicks per second range. This is because shorter periods are more result-oriented than longer periods. 

As with the, when it comes to calculating CPS speed, the 5-second time frame is much better than the 10-second time frame. However, anything with a score above 10 cps can be considered higher cps at any time. 

 How To Get Highest Score You Desired Of  In CPS Test Challenge? 

You will require presence of mind & sharp finger movements. It provides productivity in restricted time. If you are average at clicking mouse you can still manage to get 8-10 CPS. For your desired score you should daily practice with different techniques that will help you score good.


CPS Tester is a tool that can measure the number of mouse clicks per second.  The CPS Test is a free tool click per second test online, which measures your mouse click speed in given time challenges. Playing the CPS test game is easy and fun.

The game is suitable for all age groups whether a gamer or a working man click speed will always help you while working as well. You don't have to do anything special to view and analyze the click speed of yours CPS. Simply use the CPS ‚Äč‚ÄčTester on our website to test with time limits and clicking techniques.